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Neighborhood Support Network

By and For Neighborhood Leaders in Tucson and Southern Arizona

Neighborhood Profiles

A listing of Tucson area neighborhoods is provided, along with president names, association websites, landmarks and maps. Some neighborhood associations are very active, some less active, some inactive and some associations are defunct.

Does your neighborhood have an internet presence (website, Facebook, etc)?
Does your association have a new president? Is your map correct?
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  Neighborhood and Website* President / Chair /
Location Landmark Neigh
1 Adelanto Juan F Valencia N. 15th Av / W. Grant Rd. S   Map
2 Aldea Linda Nanette M. Warner 22nd / Swan NE   Map
3 Alvernon Heights Diane M. Campbell Alvernon / 22nd SE Naylor Middle School Map
4 A Mountain Community Peggy Williams Mission / 22nd SW Sentinel Peak Park Map
5 Amphi Maureen Hazlett Oracle / Prince E Amphi High School Map
6 Arcadia Rose Arlene Imoehl Grant / Rosemont SW   Map
7 Armory Park* John D. Burr S. Stone / W. Ochoa SE Armory Park Map
8 Arroyo Chico Les Pierce Broadway /Campbell SE Arroyo Chico Wash Map
9 Avondale Robert Wortman Speedway / Craycroft NW   Map
10 Balboa Heights Jane Baker Oracle /Grant NE   Map
11 Barrio Anita Feliciano Leon Speedway / I-10 NS   Map
12 Barrio Blue Moon* Bobbie Martinez Speedway / Main NW   Map
13 Barrio Centro Silvia Valdillez 22nd / Country Club SW Eastmoor Park Map
14 Barrio Hollywood Katherine M. Medberry Speedway / I-10 SW Seminole Park Map
15 Barrio Kroeger Lane Shirley Roman W. 22nd / I-10 NW   Map
16 Barrio Nopal Carole D. Maluf Los Reales / 6th Av Murphy Overpass Map
17 Barrio San Antonio Mike Mason Aviation / Kino NW   Map
18 Barrio Santa Rosa Nicole Gonzales W. 22nd / I-10 NE Santa Rosa Park Map
19 Barrio Viejo Pedro M Gonzales Stone / Cushing SW El Tiradito Map
20 Bear Canyon Edward Messing Houghton / Tanque Verde W   Map
21 Blenman-Elm* Alice Roe Speedway / C. Club NW The Arizona Inn Map
22 Bravo Park Lane Paul Fimbres Ajo / Park SE Bravo Park Map
23 Brichta Rico Otero Silverbell / Rainbow Ridge Joaquin Murrietta Park Map
24 Broadmoor-Broadway* Barbara Becker Broadway / Country Club SW Broadway Village Center Map
25 Broadway Northeast Gerry T. Snell Broadway / Kolb NE Pantano Wash Map
26 Broadway Pantano East Broadway / Pantano SE Jesse Owens Park Map
27 Cabrini Donna M. King Ft. Lowell / C. Club SE St Francis Cabrini Parish Map
28 Campbell/Grant Northeast Bill Halvorson Campbell / Grant NE UA Campus Farm Map
29 Campus Farm* Jim Brooker Prince / 1st Ave. NE   Map
30 Carriage Park Kenneth Bertschy Speedway / Pantano SE   Map
31 Catalina Vista* Dan Schnoll Campbell / Grant SE   Map
32 Cherry Avenue Cheryl Strickland Park / Irvington SE Cherry Park Map
33 Colonia Del Valle 22nd / Wilmot NW   Map
34 Colonia Solana Bill Dupont mapcolonia.html   Map
35 Copper Vista Alberta Hopkins     Map
36 Corbett Roger MacVittie 22nd / Craycroft SE   Map
37 Coronado Heights Lois E. Miller Stone / Glenn NW   Map
38 Cottonwood Manor     Map
39 Country Glenn Donovan D. Durband Grant / Country Club NW   Map
40 Desert Aire / Loma Linda Laura Roth-Sheperd 22nd / Craycroft NW Desert Aire Park Map
41 Desert Palms Park R. Andrew Harclerode Speedway / Camino Seco NE   Map
42 Dietz Georgia C. Brousseau Kolb / 22nd SE Dietz Elementary School Map
43 Dodge Flower Beverly Van Den Borre Grant / Alvernon NW   Map
44 Doolen-Fruitvale Kevin D. Polite Grant / Country Club NE Doolen Middle School Map
45 Drexel Park Drexel / Park NW   Map
46 Duffy Andrew Agnew Speedway / Craycroft SW   Map
47 Dunbar Spring* Karen Greene Speedway / Stone SW Dunbar School Map
48 Eastside Mark Day Broadway / Houghton SW Case Park Map
49 El Conquistador Nicole Gerhart 5th / Dodge SW El Con Mall Map
50 El Cortez Heights William Nelson Grant / 1st SW Mansfield Park Map
51 El Encanto Estates Margot Garcia Broadway / Country Club NE   Map
52 El Gheko* Thomas A. Wills Speedway / Kolb SW Hudlow Elementary School Map
53 El Montevideo Wayne Sunne Broadway / Alvernon NW   Map
54 El Presidio Thaddeus Pace Alameda / Granada   Map
55 El Rio Acres Eve Ryznal Speedway / I-10 NW   Map
56 Elvira Oscar Tortosa Valencia / Nogales Hwy SW   Map
57 Enchanted Hills Bonnie L. Renfrow 36th St. / La Cholla SE Kennedy Park Map
58 Fairgrounds Rudy Garcia Ajo / Benson Hwy SW Bravo Park Map
59 Feldman’s* Sarah Harris Speedway / Park NW   Map
60 Flowing Wells Kevin Daily Grant / Fairview NW Jacobs Park Map
61 Garden District* Lois Pawlak Speedway / Alvernon NE Tucson Botanical Gardens Map
62 Glenn Heights Susan McMahon Swan / Glenn SE   Map
63 Groves Lincoln Park Michael A Lyman Kolb / Escalante SE Lincoln Regional Park Map
64 Harlan Heights Speedway / Craycroft NE   Map
65 Harold Bell Wright Estates John Utz Speedway / Wilmot SE   Map
66 Hedrick Acres* Glenn Perkins Campbell / Ft. Lowell SW   Map
67 Highland Vista Cinco Via Eric Shepp Broadway / Craycroft NW   Map
68 Houghton East Daniel Porzio Speedway / Houghton SE   Map
69 Houghton South Ed Thibodeau Irvington / Houghton S   Map
70 Iron Horse* John Daniel Twelker Broadway / Euclid NW Union Pacific Railroad Map
71 Ironwood Ridge Elizabeth Goff Silverbell / Ironwood Hill W   Map
72 Jefferson Park* Joan Daniels Campbell / Grant SW   Map
73 Julia Keen Mark Mayer 22nd / Alvernon SW   Map
74 Keeling Jane Evans Grant / 1st NW Keeling Elementary School Map
75 Kellond West Broadway/Wilmot SE Kellond School Map
76 Lakeside Park Golf Links / Pantano SE Lakeside Park Map
77 La Madera Ft. Lowell / Country Club SW La Madera Park Map
78 Las Vistas Charlotte Cruz Campbell / 36th SE James C Thomas Park Map
79 Limberlost Michael Ray Oracle / Wetmore SE Don Hummel Park Map
80 Loma Verde Geri M Linehan W. of Park Place   Map
81 Loretta Heights R. Wiegand     Map
82 Menlo Park Gene Einfrank Congress / Grande Menlo Park Map
83 Mesquite Ranch Keith Miller Houghton / Bilby S   Map
84 Midvale Park Joseph Miller Valencia / I-19 W Oaktree Park Map
85 Miles Andrew Hayes Broadway / Campbell SW Miles Exploratory Learning Center Map
86 Millville George Kalil 22nd / Aviation NW 17th St Market Map
87 Miracle Manor* Isabel C. Walker Grant / Oracle NW Jacinto Park Map
88 Miramonte Dave Raichlen Speedway / Country Club SE Benedictine Chapel Map
89 Mitman Lou Bright Speedway / Craycroft SE La Parrilla Suiza Map
90 Mortimore Patricia A. Smith Alvernon / Drexel NE Los Ninos Neighborhood Park Map
91 Mountain First Avenue Sarah Studd Grant / 1st NE Mitchell Park Map
92 Mountain View Bill Crouse Prince / 1st SE   Map
93 Myers John Dowdall 22nd / Swan SE Freedom Park Map
94 Naylor Arlis M. Witz 22nd / Swan SW Swan Park Map
95 North Dodge Ft. Lowell / Alvernon SW Copenhagen Furniture Map
96 North University Grace E. Rich Speedway / Campbell NW University Medical Center Map
97 Northwest Mead Mier 6th Ave / Lee St N Mansfield Park Map
98 Oak Flower Blanche White Grant / Alvernon NE   Map
99 Old Fort Lowell Jeanne Anderson Fort Lowell / Craycroft El Fuerte Map
100 Old Spanish Trail William H (Howie) Hibbs 22nd / Harrison SE Old Spanish Trail Map
101 Oracle Foothills* Ron Kuykendall 1st / River NW Oracle Foothills Estates Map
102 Palo Verde* Ronni Kotwica Speedway / Country Club NE Catalina Magnet High School Map
103 Panorama Estates Mary Jo Ghory Congress / Silverbell W Sentinel Peak Park Map
104 Parkway Terrace 22nd / Tucson Bl SW   Map
105 Peter Howell* Margaret Drugay Speedway / Alvernon SE Lodge on the Desert Map
106 Pie Allen Nancy Robins 4th Av / 6th St SE   Map
107 Poets Square* Pete Odeven Broadway / Swan NW Rincon/University High School Map
108 Pueblo Gardens Cindy Ayala Campbell / 36th NE Holmes Tuttle Boys & Girls Club Map
109 Rancho Buena Irvington / Tucson Bl.   Map
110 Rancho Perdido Estates Vern Legvold Tanque Verde / Pantano NW   Map
111 Richland Heights East* Linda A. Wurzelbacher Prince / Campbell SE   Map
112 Richland Heights West John Mulholland Prince / Campbell SW   Map
113 Rillito Ft. Lowell / Alvernon NE   Map
114 RillitoBend John Kovacik Prince / Country Club NW North Central District Park Map
115 Rincon Heights Colby Henley Broadway / Campbell NW S. of the U of A Map
116 Rita Ranch* Al Wiruth Houghton / Valencia Purple Heart Park Map
117 Roberts Alvernon / 29th SE Roberts Elementary School Map
118 Rose Henry Vega Ajo / I-19 SE La Mar Park Map
119 Rosemont East Duane Vild Broadway / Rosemont SE Plaza at Williams Center Map
120 Rosemont West Theresa Riel Broadway / Swan SE Bonillas Elementary Basic Curriculum Magnet School Map
121 Saguaro Canyon Kerri Collings Houghton / Irvington NE   Map
122 Saguaro Miraflores Bill Roemer Ironwood Hill / Painted Hills SE   Map
123 Sam Hughes* Rick Bell Speedway / Campbell SE Sam Hughes Elementary School Map
124 Samos Bam Miller Grant / Campbell NW Salpointe Catholic High School Map
125 San Carlos Roy A Garcia Grant / Swan NW Crossroads Festival Map
126 San Clemente Mathew Zoll Broadway /Alvernon SE Lineweaver School Map
127 San Gabriel* Gerald Ledingham 22nd / Alvernon NE   Map
128 San Ignacio Yaqui Oracle / Grant SW   Map
129 Santa Cruz Southwest Marysol Gallego Mission / Ajo Way   Map
130 Santa Rita – West Ochoa Angela Quiroz 6th Ave. / 22nd E Santa Rita Park Map
131 Santiago Hills Janice Hernandez Speedway / Silverbell SW   Map
132 Sewell Moniqua K. Lane Broadway / Craycroft NE Congregation Anshei Israel Map
133 Sierra Estates Sven E Silberschlag Broadway / Swan NE Rincon / University High School Map
134 Silverbell Terrace Lee Oler Grant / Silverbell NE   Map
135 Silvercroft Gloria Manzanedo Grant / Silverbell SE Joaquin Murrietta Park Map
136 Sombras Del Cerro David Jacobs Silverbell / Goret Rd. NW   Map
137 South Harrison James M. O’Keefe Golf Links / Harrison S Hearthstone Park Map
138 South Park Sara L. O’Neil Kino / I-10 NW Quincie Douglas Park Map
139 St. Cyrils Swan / S[eedway NE   Map
140 Stella Mann Jodie L. Woodman Stella / Kolb W Vista del Prado Park Map
141 Sunnyside Yolanda D. Herrera Valencia / I-19 NE Mission Park Map
142 Sunset Villa Patricia Mazón-Brownell Ajo – I-19 NE Santa Cruz Plaza Map
143 Swanway Park Swan – Speedway SE   Map
144 Terra Del Sol David McClure 22nd / Wilmot SE Tierra del Sol Park Map
145 Thunderbird Heights/ Wilmot Desert Estates Speedway / Wilmot SW Monterey Village Map
146 Toumey Park* Fiona Jordan 22nd / Swan NW Toumey Park Map
147 Tucson Park West #1 Carolyn Vemulapalli Broadway / Greasewood SW   Map
148 Udall Park Anne Stephenson Tanque Verde / Kolb E Udall Park Map
149 Vista Del Monte David Hunter Grant / Columbus NE McCormick Park Map
150 Wakefield S. 6th / I-10 SW Wakefield Middle School Map
151 Western Hills II Willie Blake, Jr. Kino / Ajo NE   Map
152 West Lamar City Acres Margaret Chumbler     Map
153 Westside Development Abreeza M. Zegeer Mission / Ajo NW Kennedy Park Map
154 West University* Chris Gans Speedway / Park SW Catalina Park Map
155 Wilshire Heights Carol Dupuis Craycroft / 16th Wilshire Heights Park Map
156 Winterhaven* Trish Brescia Ft. Lowell / Country Club NW Christmas Ave. Map

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Maps listed below, by the City of Tucson, show Registered Neighborhoods by Ward as of February 2013.

All Neighborhoods in One Map (1.4mb pdf)